American rapper, actor, activist, and philanthropist David Banner shares what he has learned about Dr. Kuhar’s process.

I came to this office in terrible health conditions, suffering for many years from obesity, constant pain in stomach, bladder inflammation, knee’s pain, legs’ cramps, irregular heart beating, and many other symptoms. I was devastated, frustrated by traditional medicine and had nothing to lose. And here I am – just a few months later, experiencing a complete transformation of myself! First of all, that’s unbelievable physical change: I’ve lost 45 pounds, have much more energy, I look younger and all my symptoms are GONE! It was a miracle, but there is an explanation for it: all my sicknesses had one source and Ina removed it using a holistic approach towards my body, spirit, and mind. My mental, spiritual and emotional transformations were also amazing. Ina has such a deep knowledge and wide expertise about human health and well being! She does her best to convey this to her patients. I came home after each session full of new information to think about and implement into my life. And I did my homework. We work together and the result is truly impressive! Every single day I am thankful for finding this office, meeting Ina and changing my life for good.

Larisa, Weight Loss, Chronic Pain
healing of chronic pain by weight loss womanhealing of chronic pain by weight loss woman

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healing of chronic pain by weight loss woman
Before Treatment
healing of chronic pain by weight loss woman
After Treatment

Two weeks ago, all of a sudden I developed horrible low back pain. It was like piercing through my back  with a knife. It took me five days to understand: it’s not going away anytime soon. I decided to ask Ina to give me a treatment.

In a little bit more than one hour my pain was more than 90 % gone. Ina gave me recommendations and information about my condition and in a week I was as good as new.

When I told my friends about my experience, the ones who suffered with back pain, had a difficult time to believe me, that I healed my back so fast. I send them to Dr. Ina to check her out.

Tino-testimonialTino H., Back Pain

I came to this office looking for a solution for my cellulite problem.  I tried different treatments before and I did not get any good results. I am very thankful to Ina, her knowledge and treatments change my life.  My cellulite started to disappear since the first treatment.  And now, after the fifth treatment, I can tell that 80% of my cellulite is gone.  Plus, I lost 10 pounds combining healthy eating habits and exercise.  I totally recommend this place to all those women suffering from cellulite, inability to lose weight or even any health issue.

Nazila-testimonialNazila A., Cellulite, Weight loss

I am a hairdresser for more than 40 years. For many years I had pain in my right shoulder and elbow. The pain was almost constant. Some times I also had a low back pains. Six months ago my shoulder pain became too strong, which prevented me from working. Because Holistic clinic was next door, I decided to give Dr. Ina a try. To my complete amazement my pain was gone after three or four treatments. It is already more than six months since my first procedure and I am working a lot and feel perfectly fine. One more thing I want to share with you. I had my tooth pulled out and experienced excruciating pains, but came to work because I had a very important appointment. Dr. Ina saw my condition and offered a complementary treatment.

After only 30 minutes my pains were gone. I don’t know what she was doing, but it was short of magic. My wound healed very fast. And by the way, I didn’t have any specific treatments for my low back pains, but it is gone too.

Rafik-testimonialRafik, Body Pain

Where do I begin to describe the healing that goes on at this place? I can´t describe how thankful I am I found Holistic Beauty and Health. Ina is not only extremely knowledgeable and capable but she also clearly does this work out of a strong and sincere desire to help others. She gets to know the patient as a whole person and treats the whole person. I HIGHLY recommend her.

Gaby H., Healing
I recommend every girl or woman who has PMS or painful periods to have several treatments in this clinic. I have been diagnosed with uterine fibroids and for many years had the hell of a time for three-four days every month. My first period after the treatments gave me fewer problems. The subsequent period was completely pain-free.

Power to women!!!

Highly recommend this office.

Thank you Dr. Ina

Maria O., PMS, Painful Periods

Just want to say thank you to Ina and Wendy for everything they have done for my mom, self, and family! I was skeptical at first but going 3 months without a period I decide to give it a try.. I’ve suffered with irregular periods ever since my first menstruation. Well its been 2 months now no pills and I am regular and asymptomatic!! Also I have lost 12 pounds and 4 dress sizes! The atmosphere is super friendly and family like I look forward to my appointments!!

Claudia L., Irregular Periods

I would never believe it myself if somebody had told me. There is my story of what happened:

I developed a very strong case of vertigo. For three days I missed work, my head was spinning relentlessly. My husband searched the internet with no encouraging results as to the fast disappearing of my symptoms any time soon. Taking meds just to temporarily control the symptoms was out of the question. I am a strong believer in natural remedies. A couple of days later I had an appointment for craniosacral therapy. It didn’t help.

Two weeks later my husband brought me a business card from a holistic office. He was driving by and stopped for a brief consultation. At the office, he was reassured that I would probably need one or two treatments for my condition. I ended up having only one.  I felt about 60% better at the day of the treatment and three days later my vertigo was completely gone.

Michel T., Vertigo

Dr.Ina is the best…her teaching and treatments are absolutely unique and powerful.

I was suffering when I walked into her office around four weeks ago. I was suffering from both mental and physical pain related to chronic conditions. I was depressed and angry with myself and my life.

After meeting Ina I made a life changing decisions, she helped me to understand my body, and my world views completely changed. I am not afraid of my health problems anymore, I know I can heal them all. As of today I look at life with renewed vigor and hope,my symptoms are gone, I have no pain nor do I have any depression.

Nana R., Chronic Pain

Acute Knee Injury

Cyst in Breast

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