Your body is asking you for help – but you’re not listening to it.


Everything that is inside your body is also on the outside.

Everything grows and develops from the inside out. We know this, but rarely if ever relate this fact of life to our health and the development of illness.

Every one of you has the innate ability to know when your body begins to experience difficulty functioning in a proper (healthy) way.

Your body always shows you that something is wrong long before an illness or a disease strikes you. The body has its own language to communicate with you, but you have never thought to learn how to understand it. The body doesn’t speak with words. It uses the language of signs.

What are those signs?

They go by the name of the color, temperature, texture, smell, discharge, discomfort, and pain.

COLOR – change in skin color

Your skin color can tell you a lot about what is going on inside.

Red: Hues of red mean inflammatory processes are taking place in the underlying tissues.

Pale: Manifests poor microcirculation.

Purple: shows blood stasis (thick, coagulated blood that has stopped flowing)

Blue-ish: tells you know that there is too little oxygen in the blood and all the cells in the body are suffering from the lack.

Brown Spots: The appearance of various colors of shades of brown spots on the skin or yellowing the wights of the eyes reveals liver congestion.


If you inspect your skin by touching it, you will notice that some areas are slightly or a lot cooler then others.

Those areas with cooler temperatures are the places where some kind of degenerative processes are developing. The joins will feel a couple of degrees colder if arthritis or tissue calcification is developing. Areas covered with cellulitis (degeneration of connective tissue and fat) are always cooler than the areas unaffected by it.

When people with digestive problems hand-scan their abdomens, they can always detect colder or hotter spots there.

Elevated body temperature is the sign of inflammation; lower then normal temperature proclaims degenerative processes.

Temperature and color are the most reliable signs of the degree of cellular activity. Intensified actions indicate that cells are vigorously working towards the resolution of a problem they have encountered. Higher the activities, the higher the temperature and brighter the color. The effects of a depressed cellular activity are low temperatures and pale colors.


The texture of the human skin is smooth and slightly lubricated.

Oily, dry, patchy, scaly, deformed by skin tags, moles, or bumps of any kind is the sign of degenerative processes within the cells of distal organs or proximal tissues.

Take, for instance, skin tags (mild fiber abscess of skin).

If you pay attention to the locations of skin tags, you will notice that they, for the most part, cluster on the neck and upper chest. These benign tumors are also common in the proximity of axially and groin lymph nodes.

Why there? Because skin tags appear in the result of blood and lymph stasis (flow stoppage) and the neck and upper chest are the areas where lymph fluid drains back to the blood. If drainage is slow or partially blocked, the lymph backs up and accumulates—the pressure from aggregated mass rapture blood and lymph vessels. The debris of broken un-functional tissue becomes an obstacle to circulation, and if the body can’t dispose of it through interior pathways, it pushes the pile through the skin. And the skin as you know the largest organ of elimination.

It is worth remembering that there no so-called ”skin diseases.”

All deviations from the normal state of the skin are the effects of detrimental conditions within the deep interior of the body. More correctly would be to say that what we see on the outside (the state of the skin, hair, nails) shows us what goes on inside the cells of the organs and tissues of our bodies.


How do you know that something is rotting?

Your nose will catch the stench.

Like you have been storing some meat in your fridge for some time.

It looks good enough to eat, but you are not sure. What is the first thing you would do? You will smell it.

Good things don’t stink!

The stench is the most apparent sign of rotting and petrifaction.

Rotting is the process of decomposition of organic matter. Therefore, more matter by volume is in the state of decay, stronger the smell.

We take into our bodies wholesome and fragrant matter in the form of food and drink and excrete the same matter out of  the body in entirely different forms.

We do not expel gold and diamonds; our bodies push out useless stuff to unburden itself from the rubbish. The human body does have a specific smell of all its exceptions but it shouldn’t be strong and repulsive.

The unpleasant pungent smell when it persists, is the sign of accumulation of the greater amounts of waste then the body can dispose of. In other words, the rate of accumulation is higher than the rate of elimination.

Does sweat have to stink?

No, there are people whose sweat has a barely detectable smell.

Does fecal matter smell?

Yes, it does; it stinks horribly in omnivores. But the poop of people who eat row fruit and vegetables practically has no smell at all.

The smells of your body can tell a lot about the internal conditions, especially how the organs and systems of elimination are performing.


What I call a discharge is everything that the body releases through the skin and various orifices other than from the urinary bladder and large intestine.

Any noticeable discharge from the nose, vagina, penis, eyes, ears, skin is the sign of high or low-grade inflammatory conditions of the cells of these organs. It is the sign of accumulated waste — the mixture of cellular debris, byproducts of cellular metabolism, mucus, organic, and inorganic molecules. It is the sign of such a high degree of the internal melee that the sheer amount of piled up rubbish overwhelms the body’s capacity of transporting it through the internal ways.

The most preferred and beneficial for the body channels to eliminate minute waste from the organs and tissues are the blood and lymphatic circulatory systems. It is only when those systems have been chronically overworked and have exhausted their resources; the direction of elimination is reversed. The body must use all possible means to get rid of the sludge and gunk even if it has to make a big opening in the skin and ooze it out through the wound.

If you have acne and ask a doctor what causes the condition, he will give you a list of probable causes but none of it would be the true cause.

If you have some vaginal discharge and ask a doctor ether it is healthy or not, he will reassure you that it is perfectly normal.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

It is no more normal than drooling from the mouth, draining wax from the ears, dripping snot from the nose, or sticky boogers running down from the corners your eyes.

Your body is covered with skin hair and nails. The outer coverings are the canvas on which, often instantly (if it is urgent for you to know right away) or with a lag of time, your body paints the story of its inner life. If you want to know how the story is unfolding within and what lies ahead, inspect your body without.

Your body has orifices. When you are wondering if your body is thriving, smell, and observe what is coming out of it.


The discomfort you might feel in some parts of the body or a generalized feeling of being off means the cells of the tissues or organs are out of their comfort zone. Cells’ functional difficulties have reached a point beyond which pain comes to the scene.

Pain is the most strongest sign of all. It is a sign of an emergency. Pain shows up when you neglected to pay attention to and understand the messages your body has been communicating using other signs.

What is body showing? What does it want to tell us?

What should we do?

To get answers to the questions, you should pose for a second and ask yourself the following questions: what do I want from my body?

To me, the answer is obvious and straightforward. You undoubtedly want your body to be (and remain to the last days of your life) strong, full of vitality, and capable of performing all physical activities you might choose to participate in. Simply put, you want your body to be healthy (to function without any impediments to any organ or structure).

If you wish to experience health, it must be the goal, the aim, the point to travel to.

When you travel, you need the road signs as the pointers towards the direction you desire to go. By reading and understanding the signs, you can always know if you are moving in the right of the wrong direction.

It would never enter your mind to continue hurrying ahead when you have discovered that you lost your way and are moving away from where you want to be.

The signs (symptoms) I have been talking about are the pointers of deviation from what you want to achieve and experience in your life.

That is what your body is showing. That is what your body wants you to know: ”You are moving in the opposite direction, away from getting the experience you desire. Stop!!! Do not continue what you are doing! Make a change!”

That is what the body wants you to do.

Do not think lightly of what your body tells.

Do not get exceedingly alarmed ether; the body simply wants to get your attention and encourages you to make corrections.

In the universe, all matter occupying the space is in certain states of existence. A molecule of oxygen is in a gaseous state but when it joins with hydrogen it changes its state and becomes water. When conditions change oxygen becomes gas again.

Your body is also in a state of being where health is one state of its being, and disease is another, more difficult to bear, and less pleasant to be in.

The difference between living forms of matter and inanimate forms is that the living form is more dynamic and responsive to transformation. Therefore, one state can be easily transformed into another.

You can transform your healthy state into a disease. Likewise, your diseased state can be transformed into a healthy one.

If you have found yourself in a state of being you dislike, change your ways, and start moving towards the state you want to be in.